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Guest Feature Articles

Monthly guest columns on nonprofit management and leadership from people we admire, and think are ridiculously smart.

  1. When Building an Online Fundraising Campaign – Don’t Forget Compliance

    By Ify Aduba, Nonprofit Compliance Specialist, Harbor Compliance Harbor Compliance, a leading provider of compliance solutions for organizations of all types and sizes, can help you with all of your fundraising compliance needs. As requirements become increasingly complex, they can present significant challenges to organizations of all types and sizes…. Read More

  2. To Thine Own Organization Be True

    In order to have a sound nonprofit organization that can deliver on its mission, it is essential to have solid organizational infrastructure. By Caroline E. Boyce, CAE, President & CEO Would you prepare to renovate a building without a thorough assessment of the building’s existing conditions? No you would not…. Read More

  3. Is your organization adaptable to change?

    By Emma Gilmore Kieran If you’re like the leaders at most organizations, this will sound familiar. The week before the first Board meeting of the new fiscal year, you spend days – and often nights – working and working and working to come up with new ideas – how you’ll… Read More

  4. Leadership Reframe – Aiming Toward Three Outcomes, Together

    By Rick Martin, Senior Consultant, Organization & Leadership Effectiveness, The Ohio State University Increasingly, managers at all levels are being challenged to adapt to an ever-changing environment or become irrelevant. Things change – whether from societal or market forces, or from shifting priorities. Whatever your title is, it probably doesn’t… Read More

  5. 10 Management Practices to Drive Results

    By: Daniel Horgan, CEO of D.G. Horgan Group ( Company overview: D.G. Horgan Group drives impact through effective leadership and organizational development across the talent pipeline. Our customized training experiences, consulting partnerships and coaching practices are all designed to build skills, maximize performance and deliver results for individuals, teams and… Read More

  6. Eight Things Executive Directors Need to Stop Doing in 2016

    Dani A. Robbins, Strategist, Principal, Founder, Non Profit Evolution The fascinating thing about being a consultant and people paying you to make recommendations is that they generally listen to your suggestions. They don’t always implement them but they at least consider them. Friends, on the other hand, call when they’re… Read More

  7. Under Pressure

    Kerri Mollard, Founder and CEO, Mollard Consulting Have you ever said to yourself – I have no control over deadlines… Doesn’t everyone thrive on caffeine and adrenaline? I do my best work under pressure… Everyone here makes sacrifices… I did. For years, I believed that leadership meant selflessness. I thought… Read More

  8. Get a New Job or Career… with a Little Help from Your Library

    Wesley W. Roberts, Library Services Manager, Workforce and Economic Development, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh If you are reading this blog post, I’m going to make a leap and assume that you are the kind of job seeker or career developer that I often see at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: you’re… Read More

  9. 11 Steps Your Nonprofit Can Take Now to Minimize Your Risk of Theft and Fraud

    By Tom Joseph, Founder & CEO, Bookminders In the wake of the Washington Posts’ investigative report1 on fraud in the nonprofit sector, executives and board members have been busy assuring funders, constituents, and themselves that they too won’t end up in the news. Are articles about financial abuses at other nonprofits… Read More

  10. Winning Partnerships

    Teaming with Financial Institutions for Your Community by John Bendel, Director of Community Investment, FHLBank Pittsburgh Nonprofits like yours are vital resources for their communities, but who do you turn to when you need help? Local financial institutions can be powerful allies to nonprofit organizations looking to grow. In addition… Read More