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  1. How to try and utilize the Moviestarplanet hack simply to take a flight true results

    If you’re a enthusiast of these Moviestarplanet game, after that, you’ve come through to a right train station! It’s the effort through to win free starcoins after which diamondsand win either a VIP formula which you deserveall on account of MSP Hack! To demonstrate MovieStarPlanet Moviestarplanet is definitely an online… Read More

  2. Beware of Phisher Hackers proven to steal the body’s account and Robux

    For someone who has worked on Roblox toned designed for merely events, one is well-conscious of precisely how addictive either a sport may be. Whenever the little chests pop up, that it considers as should the laborious respond has been value that it in addition to the game all of… Read More

  3. New Year’s Resolutions: Best Practices in Hiring for 2015

    Co-Authored by Michelle Pagano Heck and Sarah Wertheimer of Nonprofit Talent Happy New Year from Todd, Michelle and the team at Nonprofit Talent! At Nonprofit Talent, we understand that finding and hiring the right person to fill your position is very challenging. Problems in the past, however, don’t mean you… Read More

  4. Graceful Exits

    By Michelle Pagano Heck, Co-Founder and Principal, Nonprofit Talent The word “RETIRING” can conjure images of days gone by … our fathers or grandfathers leaving a steel mill or corporate position after 35 years, with a pension, and moving on to develop hobbies at home. At Nonprofit Talent, we find… Read More


    By Michelle Pagano Heck, Co-Founder and Principal, Nonprofit Talent As a consultant, I am fortunate to work in a capacity that provides me with a deep understanding of organizational structure, Board governance and transition best practices. Rarely do I have the opportunity to engage directly with the mission of a… Read More

  6. How to Become a Standing-Ovation-Worthy Public Speaker

    By Todd Owens, Co-Founder and Principal, Nonprofit Talent  All leaders need to able to deliver thoughtful, engaging, and dynamic speeches and presentations. This is particularly true in the nonprofit and charitable sectors where leaders must engage the heart and head, in order to cultivate friends and increase contributed revenue for… Read More

  7. To stay or to leave, that is the question.

    Recent studies and conversation at the proverbial nonprofit “water-cooler” have been focused on the ability of the sector to attract and retain leadership in a dynamic and evolving environment.  In Nonprofit HR’s annual Human Resource Survey of Nonprofit Organizations, statistics surfaced that are concerning but not surprising to anyone in… Read More