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EARN and Nonprofit Talent

Nonprofit Talent and Executive Action and Response Network are proud to announce a new and innovative partnership for the advancement of African American leadership in the nonprofit sector.

Executive Action and Response Network (EARN) is an association of corporate executives devoted to the advancement of strategies that support the journey of African American executive leaders. African American executives often share common experiences and hardships in navigating their careers. Likewise, organizations can find it difficult to assemble the resources needed to drive sustained, systemic change.

Nonprofit Talent (NPT), as a retained search firm, works with Boards and Senior Management to ease the impact that a leadership transition can have on the culture and operations of an organization. NPT leverages a network of experts to procure a pool of candidates who match both the culture and core competencies of the proposed executive-level position. Combining in-depth organizational understanding with passion for the public and nonprofit sectors, the NPT customized approach has successfully concluded more than 300 nonprofit executive-level searches.

Together, EARN and NPT seek to empower Boards of Directors and Executive Directors to advance equity for African American executives and leaders through collaborative action and awareness. Action-oriented relationships with nonprofit partners – relationships that require and enforce objective, measurable outcomes – will improve African American presence in nonprofit executive leadership. Together, we:

  • Present educational programming to the community, specific to elevating African American leadership in the nonprofit sector.
  • Market every leadership position managed by NPT through the channels, networks, and relationships of EARN, to ensure that candidate pools represent African American leaders.
  • Identify and uplift emerging African American talent through programming and consideration for nonprofit leadership positions.

This partnership reinforces the shared values of NPT and EARN, specifically to advance the leadership of African Americans in the Pittsburgh region.


For additional information, please contact:

Martin T. Shepherd, Managing Member — 412.577.2977 —

Michelle Pagano Heck, President — 412-849-7786 —