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Career Transition

Interested in joining the nonprofit sector but not sure where to start?

Nonprofit Talent offers individuals changing their careers from for-profit to the social sector a comprehensive 90-minute phone session focused on assisting you in laying the groundwork for a successful transition. 

Ascending to leadership in the social sector requires concerted effort. This session will guide you on how to identify your passions, how to actively pursue opportunities in the sector and educate you on what many nonprofit organizations look for in candidates.

Topics may include:

  • Exploring whether a transition into the nonprofit sector is right for you
  • What transferable skills you have to offer
  • How to transition into this sector and find opportunities
  • How to fill “skill gaps”

To schedule an initial conversation, please Sarah Deibler, Senior Consultant at

(Please note: We have designed these services to share knowledge and support your career. Participating in any of the individual or group activities will not provide special advantages in your pursuit of searches being managed by Nonprofit Talent.)