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Why Nonprofit Talent

We’re Passionate About Nonprofits


Your organization is unique. You face challenges related to achieving your mission, generating revenue to meet organizational challenges and finding the talent to implement your programs and your vision. We believe that finding the right leaders can have a transformational impact on your organization.

We approach executive search and nonprofit consulting from an organizational development perspective. We immerse ourselves in your organization: its history, its vision and its culture, in order to support Board and Senior Leadership in making hiring, restructuring or organizational change decisions.

Nonprofit Talent’s confidential, customized, and integrated services help foundations, nonprofits, associations, and government agencies advance their missions, build capacity, and achieve their goals. With 15 years of experience in nonprofit executive search, we serve a diverse client base by combining our in-depth organizational understanding with our passion for the public and nonprofit sectors. We have successfully performed more than 240 nonprofit executive-level searches (CEO, President, Vice-President, and Director), working collaboratively with boards, trustees, councils, and transition committees.